Creating Operating System probes

You can create an operating system probe.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Files tab.
  2. Open the Monitoring Configuration database (EVENTS4.NSF).
  3. Choose DDM Configuration.
  4. Choose any DDM probe view, and then click New DDM Probe.
  5. Choose Operating System.
    Table 1. Probe options



    Probe Subtype

    Choose one:

    • CPU
    • Disk
    • Memory
    • Network

    Probe Description

    Type a short description of the probe.

    Which server(s) should run this probe

    Choose one:

    • All servers in the domain -- Runs the probe on all servers in the domain.
    • Special target servers -- Specify the type of servers to run the probe, such as POP3 servers or the administration server for the Domino® Directory.
    • Only the following servers -- Specify the servers on which the Operating System probe will run.

    Which operating systems should be monitored?

    Choose one or more operating systems to be monitored by the CPU probe subtype. For each operating system that you choose, provide this information:

    • The processor utilization percent information and the severity level detail on the corresponding tab.
    • For IBM® AIX®, also complete the processor queue length fields.