User/server configuration features

Explore administrative features and enhancements that will empower your users.


Policy for delayed mail delivery now enabled by default
In Notes mail, the Send Later button is easy for users to discover, and the Domino policy that allows Notes users to see that option is now enabled by default. For more information on the policy, see Using a policy to enable scheduled messages for Notes users.


External email notifications
Administrators can now have text added to the top of all incoming email sent by users outside your domains. This message might be used to remind your users to use caution and avoid clicking links or opening file attachments in messages that haven't originated from within your environment.
To have your externally facing SMTP servers add this text, you'll find the configuration settings in the Server Configuration document that applies to those servers, in the External Email Notifications section on the SMTP/Router > Restrictions and Controls > SMTP Inbound Controls tab.

Here you'll be able to specify notification text to add to the messages. You can use plain text or formatted HTML for your message. Early Access Drop 1 offers only the ability to add text to the message. Look for the ability to add a tag to the message subject in a future Early Access release.