What's new in 14.0 EAP Drop 3?

HCL Domino 14.0 Early Access Program Drop 3 introduces new features and enhancements in several areas.

Core updates

  • JVM upgrade: JVM has been upgraded to the following version of Java 17 LTS release:
    openjdk version "" 2023-08-24
    IBM Semeru Runtime Open Edition (build
    Eclipse OpenJ9 VM (build openj9-0.40.0, JRE 17 Windows 10 amd64-64-Bit Compressed References 20230824_503 (JIT enabled, AOT enabled)
    OpenJ9 - d12d10c9e
    OMR - e80bff83b
    JCL - 8ecf238a124 based on jdk-
    CORBA/DIIOP is now supported in Early Access Drop 3. Java applications or programs using Notes.jar in the classpath, along with CORBA/DIIOP, need to explicitly add glassfish-corba-omgapi.jar on the Java classpath to pick up the new implementation of CORBA with Java 17.