Features in Early Access drop 4

HCL Domino 12.0.2 Early Access Program drop 4 provided these new features and enhancements:

Domino SMTP server configuration to reduce spam

Domino servers which receive SMTP messages directly from the internet can be configured to use the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) protocol to reduce spam. For more information, see Configuring the Domino SMTP server to reduce spam This feature is supported for Windows and Linux only.

Messages deemed to be untrusted as a result of spam reduction checks can optionally be sent to the recipient's Junk folder. See Delivering untrusted mail to the Junk folder.

Entitlement tracking enhancements

Information stored in the entitlement tracker database now includes the last date/time that a user authenticated with a tracked server and what protocol that user connected to the server with. See Entitlement tracking for an example.

Updates to virus scanning (ICAP protocol)

The antivirus Mailscan task has the following updates in Early Access Drop 4:

  • Significantly improved stability in the Mailscan task.
  • Better cooperation between the Router and Mailscan processes:
    • Show stat Mail.WaitingForAVScan accurately reflects the number of messages waiting for scan by the Mailscan task.
    • Show stat Mail.AVS* reflects the evaluations made by the Router task in deciding if a message needs to be scanned.
    • Enabling or disabling virus scanning and other virus action configuration changes are now detected without requiring either a server or task (Router/Mailscan) restart.
    • tell MailScan quit now pushes unscanned messages back to the Router.
    • The Mailscan task now uses a cooperative handle sharing mechanism that allows the Router task to pause mailbox access if compacting is required.
  • The Router task now accepts a scan token from other servers in the domain. A server doesn't need to rescan a message sent from a related server if the following conditions are met:
    • The token contains a verifiable signature from the other server.
    • The originating server is configured to use the same external Virus Scan (ICAP) engine.
    • The Virus Scan engine's virus definition signature has not changed (in other words, if the external Virus Scan server has received updated virus signatures, the message must be rescanned).
    • The scan token has not expired.
  • The acceptance of trusted tokens can be seen in the Mail.AVSMsgOkScannedByTrustedServer statistic.
  • The logging output from the Mailscan task is improved: Each scan job is assigned a unique ID so all messages against a given message can be 'grepped' from output logs.
  • Performance improvements: The Mailscan task now supports multiple threads to improve performance. The default is 4 threads. In Drop 4, this can be increased up to 20 threads using the ANTI_VIRUS_WORKER_THREADS=20 notes.ini variable.
  • Known issues
    • The "Log To File" feature is incomplete and should be avoided.
    • The test ICAPServer HCL provides for basic "kicking the tires" and is single threaded. If you need to use the test ICAPServer you should set the following notes.ini: ANTI_VIRUS_WORKER_THREADS=1.

Related Information: Scanning message attachments for viruses

One-touch Domino setup updates

  • You can now set users' internet passwords when registering new users.
  • The first server configured now automatically creates certstore.nsf and adds CertMgr to the ServerTasks notes.ini variable. Additional servers now automatically create a replica of certstore.nsf from the first server.
  • MicroCA certificates for the server controller and server console are now created by default. You can disable this using the new input properties createControllerCert and createConsoleCert.

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View rebuild improvements

Faster building or rebuilding of views is now on by default and takes 15-35% less time in Domino 12.0.2 . (Applies to Windows and Linux only.)