New in Beta 3

Beta 3 provides these features and enhancements for Domino administrators.

  • New feature: Active Directory password synchronization enables Windows users whose Active Directory information is synced to Domino to apply their Windows passwords to their Domino HTTP and Notes ID passwords. For more information, see Active Directory password synchronization.
  • New feature: Backup and restore capability is integrated with Domino 12 servers. For more information, see Backup and restore.
  • New feature: A new internal mechanism is provided for collecting the highest entitlement that individual users have across a Domino domain. When a user appears in the ACL of a database with Reader access or above and that person has the right to access the server, the user is said to be an entitled user. For more information, see Entitlement tracking.
  • Improvements have been made to the integration of MarvelClient with Domino. For more information, see MarvelClient Essentials integration.
  • TLS certificate management enhancements:
    • certstore.nsf now includes Trusted Roots documents for storing trusted root certificates that can be applied to TLS Credentials documents. For more information, see Adding trusted root certificates.
      Note: For Beta 3, if you use an existing certstore.nsf database, you must copy the Trusted Roots documents from the Trusted Roots view of the certstore.ntf template into the cerstore.nsf database.
    • CertMgr can now run on more than one server in the domain, with one server the "master." For more information, see Running CertMgr.
    • The functionality to import a PEM-encoded certificate chain and private key in "kyrtool import" format by pasting it into a field in a TLS Credentials has been replaced by a new CertMgr task parameter: -importpem file.pem.
    • Imported certificate chains (via third party CA/CSR support or -importpem) no longer require a specific order.
    • The HTTP task no longer needs to be restarted after adding or renewing certificates in certstore.nsf .
  • One-touch Domino setup enhancements:
  • Time-based one-time password (TOTP) authentication enhancements:
  • Vault administrators or users can upload Notes IDs manually to the ID vault. For more information, see Uploading user IDs to a vault manually.
  • Pod Manager tool (podman) is a supported containerization runtime. Follow the documentation for Domino on Docker, but on the command line replace docker with podman.
  • Domino OSGI Tasklet Service (DOTS) is available again in Domino 12. For supported platforms and other configuration details, see the Beta 3 Release Notes.
  • The ODS level for Domino 12 has changed from 54 to 55. For more information about ODS 55, see Enhancements introduced in ODS 55 in Domino 12.
  • HCL Verse 2.0.1 package included with Domino.
  • Notes client enhancements for administrators: