Configuring a symmetrical cluster

Use the notes.ini setting D10_ENABLE_REPAIR=1 and a Cluster Configuration document to enable a cluster to be symmetrical.


  1. Add the following setting to the notes.ini file on each server in the cluster:
  2. Run the AutoRepair task at server startup by adding it to the ServerTasks setting in the notes.ini file on each server in the cluster.
    • To run AutoRepair on schedule, use the Repair all console command in a Program document.
    • To run RprCleanup on schedule use the RprCleanup task in a Program document. This task can be run daily. It will start up, delete any .pd_bad_<timedate> files that are older than a configurable amount of days and then exit. The configurable number of days is specified in the Cluster Configuration document.
  3. Each database replica that you monitor must have the same file path, file name, and letter case on all servers in the cluster. To verify that this requirement is met:
    1. Open the Cluster Database Directory database (cldbdir.nsf).
    2. Select the Databases by Replica ID view.
    3. In the File column, verify that each replica shows the same file path, file name, and letter case.
  4. From the Domino® directory of a server in the cluster, click Configuration > Clusters > Configuration.
  5. Click Add Cluster Configuration.
  6. In the Basics tab, select the cluster.
  7. In the Symmetrical Clusters tab, select options:
    Maintain symmetry
    • To maintain symmetry for all databases in all folders below the data directory, select All folders. See Maintaining symmetry for All folders for help database considerations when using this option.
    • To maintain symmetry for databases in specific folders below the data directory, select Specified subfolders and select the folders.
    Automatic repair
    • To have the repair service replace all missing files detected by AutoRepair in the selected folders, select Fix missing files.
    • To report missing files detected by AutoRepair to log.nsf but not have the repair service replace them, select List missing files in the log.
    • To prevent AutoRepair from running, select Disabled.
    Scan interval Specify how frequently AutoRepair runs, in minutes, to check for missing databases.
    Damaged files
    • To enable damaged databases in monitored folders to be repaired, select Fix damaged files.

      Damaged files that cannot be repaired by Fixup are quarantined with the .pd_bad_<timestamp> extension and the repair service recovers new copies immediately from cluster members.

    • To prevent repairing of damaged files, select Disabled.
    Remove damaged files after Specify the number of days that files remain quarantined before they can be removed by RprCleanup. Default is 20 days.
  8. Close and save the document.