One-touch Domino setup

Use one-touch Domino setup to simplify setting up a server.

In previous versions of HCL Domino®, setting up a Domino server involved multiple steps. Starting with Domino 12, you can use one-touch Domino setup to set up a server in a single step. You invoke one-touch Domino setup by referring to a JSON file or a set of environment variables that contain the setup configuration information.

The steps you take to use one-touch Domino setup depend on whether you provide input through a JSON file or system environment variables and the Domino platform that you use.

Using one-touch Domino setup you can:
  • Set up servers
  • Set up an ID vault
  • Create and update applications and documents and enable and run agents. This feature is available only through JSON file input.

One-touch Domino setup is supported on Domino on Docker, Windows, and UNIX platforms.