1. Creating a Directory Assistance database and document for password synchronization

Create a new Directory Assistance database and a document in it to enable the Domino password library on the Active Directory domain controller to look up user information in the Domino directory.

About this task

Accept the default value for fields not mentioned in this procedure.


  1. Create a new directory assistance database:
    1. From the HCL Domino® Administrator, choose File > Application > New.
    2. Specify the Domino directory administration server as the name of the server on which to create the database.
    3. Enter a title for the database -- for example, Directory Assistance for Password Sync.
    4. Enter a file name for the database -- for example, DA_PWSYNC.NSF.
    5. Click Show advanced templates.
    6. Click Template Server and select a server that stores the Directory Assistance template (DA.NTF).
    7. Keep Inherit future design changes selected, and then click OK.
  2. Create a directory assistance document in the database:
    1. Click Add Directory Assistance.
    2. On the Basics tab of the document, complete the following fields:
    Domain type Select Notes
    Domain name Enter the name of your Domino domain.
    Enabled Select Yes
  3. Copy a database link to the Domino directory replica on the administration server and paste the link into the Application links field in the Domino tab of the document.
  4. Click Save & Close.