Charting Server Health Monitor statistics

To chart the performance of Server Health statistics, you must be actively monitoring all servers whose performance you want to chart in the Domino® server monitor. In addition, if you want to chart health statistics historically, you must enable the generation of statistic reports while monitoring or charting statistics in the statistic Administration Preferences.

You can chart real-time and historical performance of Server Health statistics. Real-time health statistics are gathered by the Statistic Collector server task in the Domino® Administrator and are stored in memory, for use when charting real-time statistics. Historical health statistics are created from the historical statistics information stored in the local Monitoring Results database (STATREP.NSF).

You can also create statistic profiles to monitor groups of servers and associated statistics routinely. There is a limit of 25 statistics in each statistic profile.

You can perform the following tasks when charting server health statistics:

  • Create statistics profiles
  • Modify statistic profiles
  • Display statistic charts