Product rebranding

References to IBM® have been rebranded to HCL for the Notes® and Domino® product family.

Strings with IBM that were visible in normal use of the product are changed to HCL. Occurrences of IBM in the following locations are changed to HCL:
  • Logos and copyright information
  • Error messages
  • Dialog boxes
  • Templates and databases that ship with Domino and Notes 11
  • Registry path in Windows™ platform
Not all IBM strings are replaced. The following occurrences of IBM strings remain and have not been changed:
  • The following directories or paths that if changed could require customers to alter their applications:
    • IBM_Credstore
    • IBMDomino.sym
    • ibmditar.css
    • C:\Program Files\IBM\Domino\data\domino\js\dojo-1.5.4\ibm
  • notes.ini configuration parameters that contain IBM strings
  • Proprietary IBM strings such as IBM operating systems, servers, compilers.
  • LDAP attributes
  • COM objects with IBM as the namespace