Restoring documents or NSF files with DAOS attachments

To restore either a full NSF or a single document, the process starts off the same. You must first restore the database and then the missing NLOs. To do this using Tivoli Data Protection for Domino, you would issue the command:
domdsmc restore -into
To determine which missing NLO files to bring back from the Domino server console, run:
tell daosmgr listnlo -o missing.txt MISSING restoreddatabasename.nsf
The resulting missing.txt file is then fed into the restore command With the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), the command would be:
dsmc restore -filelist=missing.txt -inact 

If you are restoring the entire NSF, you are done. Note that any restoration operation will put the DAOS catalog into the Needs Resync state, so a resync operation should be performed as soon as convenient.

If you need only one document, you can now copy and paste it to its intended destination. For a complete recovery after a catastrophic failure, the NSF and NLO files can be restored, followed by replaying the archived transaction logs. This will result in the most up-to-date recovery situation.