Preparing for installing and setting up Domino servers

Installing an HCL Domino® server is the first part of deploying a server. The second part is using the Domino server setup program to configure the server.

Before you begin

Before you install and set up the first Domino server, you must plan the server and organizational naming and security. In addition, you must understand your existing network configuration and know how Domino will fit into the network. If you are adding an additional server to an existing Domino infrastructure, you must have already registered the server and its server ID and password must be available.

About this task

You also have the option of installing an evaluation copy of the Domino server instead of the traditional production copy. The evaluation copy can be used for a limited number of days.

Note: Do not unpack installation kit files to the same directory to which you install the installation files. Specify a unique directory path for each set of installation files.


  1. Choose a name for the server. Refer to the name that you created based on your company's structure.
  2. Identify the function of the server; for example mail server or application server.
  3. Decide where to locate the server physically and decide who administers it.
  4. Decide whether the server is part of an existing Domino domain or is the first server in a new Domino domain.
  5. If this is the first server in a Domino domain, do the following:
    1. Install the server program files.
    2. Use the Domino server setup program to set up the server.
    3. Complete network-related setup.
    4. Create organization certifier IDs and organizational unit certifier IDs as required by the hierarchical name scheme.
    5. Distribute certifier IDs to administrators.
    6. Implement Domino security.
  6. If this server is part of an existing Domino domain, do the following:
    1. Use the Domino Administrator to register the server.
    2. Install the server program files on each additional server.
    3. Use the Domino server setup program to set up each additional server.
  7. Perform additional configuration procedures, based on the type of services, tasks, and programs that you want to run on this server.