Troubleshooting Sametime in iNotes

If instant messaging icons do not display in HCL iNotes® mail and the contact list, you look for causes.

About this task

Check the following:

  • The HCL Sametime® server is running.
  • All the ST**** services are running. Check the control panel - services; all ST**** services should be running when the Sametime server has fully started. If there are ST**** services not running, start STCommunity server first. If this service cannot be started, check the network connections and the Sametime server log file.
  • Make sure the user has enabled Instant Messaging in Preferences.
  • Make sure the user's Person document has been set up with the Sametime server names.
  • Use the https:// protocol for both the iNotes and Sametime Proxy servers.