Setting up Sametime and iNotes in different domains

You can set up a cross-domain configuration when the HCL Sametime® server and the HCL iNotes® server are located in different domains.


  1. Cross certify both domains with each other. This step is necessary only if the Sametime server uses HCL Domino® authentication instead of LDAP.
  2. Configure directory assistance on the Sametime server as needed:
    • If Sametime uses native Domino authentication, then directory assistance must point to the iNotes server, using the HCL Notes® protocol instead of LDAP.
    • If Sametime was installed to use LDAP, then directory assistance is configured automatically, and nothing further is necessary.
  3. If you have set up single sign on (SSO), go to Step 4. If you do not have SSO set up, replicate STAuthS.nsf to the iNotes server. The file name is case sensitive on Unix servers.
  4. Create a server document for the Sametime server in the Domino Directory of the iNotes server, completing the following fields:
    • Server name
    • Domain name
    • Fully qualified Internet host name
    • Is this a Sametime server?
  5. Enter the Sametime server name in the Sametime Server field of each iNotes user's Person document.
    Note: You can specify the Sametime server name in the server configuration document to globally set the Sametime server for all users. Use the Set an HCL Sametime Server host name for all HCL iNotes users (useful for clustered configurations) field.