DAOS enable and disable considerations

Once a Domino server has DAOS enabled, and NSFs are selected to participate in DAOS, their attachments are stored in the DAOS repository. If DAOS is subsequently disabled, the attachments that were in DAOS remain in DAOS until they are re-integrated into the NSF. Any DAOS references that remain in the NSF will continue to be serviced by DAOS, even if it is disabled. An NSF that contains DAOS references is not self-contained, and must continue to be treated as an active DAOS participant as long as it has DAOS references. To re-integrate the DAOS attachments into an NSF and remove the DAOS references, you can process the NSF with the “compact -c -daos off” command. Once that is done, the NSF will be self-contained again, and can be treated as a normal NSF.

Furthermore, to ensure that the DAOS enablement change takes effect completely, the Domino server as well as all processes that use the Domino API (compact, resync, backup, etc) are stopped. This allows the API to terminate completely, so the status change can be picked up at the next startup.