Using iNotes with Sametime and the Sametime proxy server

The HCL Domino® 9.0 release requires at least HCL Sametime® Proxy server version 8.5.2 IFR1.

The Domino 8.5.3 release provided an update to the Sametime Proxy Server that is needed if you want to benefit from the Sametime Proxy Server Web 2.0 experience in HCL iNotes®. This update requires at least Sametime version 8.5.2.
The Sametime Proxy Server provides iNotes clients with an updated, feature-rich, contact list and chat interface and eliminates the need for a JVM on the client for these services. The Sametime Proxy Server is a self-contained IBM® WebSphere® Application Server application that can easily be added to an existing iNotes/Sametime deployment with minimal configuration changes. To manage the Sametime infrastructure, deploy the Sametime System Console.

For a new deployment, a minimum of three servers must be installed, one each for: iNotes, Sametime, and Sametime Proxy.

To configure iNotes integration with the Sametime Proxy server, complete these steps:
  1. From the HCL Domino Administrator, click the Configuration tab and expand the Server or Messaging section.
  2. Click Configurations.
  3. Select the Configuration Settings document for the HCL iNotes mail server(s) and click Edit Configuration.
  4. Select the iNotes tab.
  5. In the Instant Messaging section, Instant Messaging Features field, select Sametime Web Client Integration.
  6. In the Directory type used by Sametime server field, select the directory type you chose during Sametime server setup and installation.
  7. (Optional) In the Location of the Sametime proxy server to use when using https: field, enter the fully qualified HTTPs server name, a colon (:) and optionally the port number to use when logged into iNotes using HTTPS.

    For example, enter

  8. Save and close the document.