Setting up a forwarding address

A forwarding address allows users who have Person documents in the Domino® Directory to have their mail forwarded to another address.

About this task

Set up forwarding addresses for users who:

  • Change their names -- for example, because of marriage -- but still want to receive all their messages.
  • Move -- for example, a user may resign from the company but leave a forwarding address so that mail addressed to the old address is forwarded to the new location.
  • Use a different mail system and do not have Notes® mail files.

Configure a forwarding address in the Forwarding address field on the Basics tab of a user's Person document.

By default, the Router supports use of the Send copy to rule action, which lets Notes users create mail rules to automatically forward copies of messages delivered to their mail files to another address, such as a forwarding address. You can also set delivery controls to disable automatic forwarding.