Registering users with the Web Administrator

Registering users with the Domino® Web Administrator is almost identical to registering users with the Domino Administrator. Before reviewing this information and before attempting to register users via the Web Administrator, you need to be familiar with using the Web Administrator and with Notes® user registration in general.

About this task

The Registration Preferences (from File > Preferences > Administration Preferences) that can be set for user registration with the Domino Administrator do not apply to user registration with the Web Administrator. During user registration on the Web, only registration settings set through policies or through the server-based CA apply. Other settings are entered manually or are defaults.

Web registration and the server-based certification authority

Web registration for Notes users requires the use of the Domino server-based certification authority (CA). You need to understand what the Domino CA is, as well as how to set it up and use it.

About this task

To register users with the Web Administrator, the Web administrator must be listed as an RA for that certifier. The server that is running the Web Administrator should also be listed as an RA but that role is not required for the server. It is required for the administrator. If the server is not listed as an RA, the administrator that is an RA will need to open the Administration Requests database and approve the administration request to register the user. You must assign the RA role in the Domino Administrator client, not in the Web Administrator. To assign the RA role, use the Modify Certifier tool on the Configuration panel.

Web registration and policies

Web user registration, like user registration done from the Domino Administrator, can be simplified by assigning policies during the registration process. Create the policies and related policy settings documents, prior to initiating Web user registration. Before registering users, familiarize yourself with polices in Domino as well as with using policies with the Web Administrator. The use of policies for user registration with the Domino Web Administrator is optional.

To register users with the Web Administrator

Follow the instructions to register a user, with basic or advanced registration, in the procedures Using Basic user registration with the Web Administrator and Using Advanced user registration with the Web Administrator.