Monitoring iNotes activity

You can determine the number of active HCL iNotes® users on a system and log iNotes request information. To monitor this activity, set up activity logging to include iNotes.


  1. From the HCL Domino® Administrator, open the configuration settings document for the Domino server.
  2. Click Activity Logging.
  3. For the field Activity Logging is Enabled, check Yes.
  4. Under Server Activity Logging Configuration, check Domino.DWA.Request.

Activity Log Information

About this task

iNotes activity logging records include such information as the name of the iNotes server, the name of the user accessing the server, the iNotes request, the number of bytes returned as a result of the request, the amount of time it took to process the request, and the date on which the request occurred.

Complete these steps to analyze iNotes activity:


  1. From the Domino Administrator, click Analyze Server Activity.
  2. Under Analysis, click Analyze > Activity.
  3. Under Server activity types to search for, select Domino - DWA - request, and then click Add.