Creating the Domino Web Server Configuration database

You use the HCL Domino® Web Server Configuration database to map custom messages that you create. These messages can be those that browser users receive when they access a Web application, or they can be custom HTML pages that you use for session-based authentication of Web users with a name and password.


  1. Make sure the Web server exists (is properly set up).
  2. From the Domino Administrator, choose File > Application > New.
  3. Under Server, enter the name of the Domino server on which you want to create this database.
  4. Select the Domino Web Server Configuration template from the Advanced Templates list.
  5. For Title, enter a name for the database.
  6. For File name, enter DOMCFG5.NSF.
    Important: The database must have this file name. Do not give it a unique name that you create.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Add an entry named Anonymous to the database ACL and give the entry Reader access.
  9. Map custom Web server messages.