Setting up and using Web Administration Server Bookmarks

Use the Web Administration Server Bookmarks features to connect to any remote administration console to administer specific servers from a single administration interface.

About this task

For example, you can use this feature for Portal and WebSphere® administration, as well as HCL Sametime®, or third-party software administration. While setting up the Web Administration Server Bookmarks feature, you specify a URL for each administration console that you want to access. The URL that you specify is opened in the browser that is specified in the Internet Browser field in your Location document. The browser is embedded in a tab that displays in the client.


From the Domino® Administrator, choose Administration > Add Server To > Web Administration Bookmarks.
Table 1. Bookmarks options
Field Action
Server Name Specify the server name of the server you will administer using this feature.
Administration URL Specify the URL for the administration console. Be sure to enter the entire URL, for example,
Type of Administration Select the type of Web administration you will be performing from the specified URL. This will be used as a category name to organize the bookmarks in the bookmark pane.