Registering users and servers with the Web Administrator

To use the Domino® Web Administrator to register new Notes® users, you must use the Domino server-based certification authority. Any request or task that requires a certifier ID file -- for example, migrate or modify ID -- is not available.

To use the Web Administrator to register users or servers, you must have Registration Authority (RA) access in the server-based certification authority (CA). The server that is running the Web Administrator should also be listed as an RA but that role is not required for the server. If, however, the server is not listed as an RA, the administrator that is an RA must open the Administration Requests database and approve the administration request to register the user. You must assign the RA role in the Domino Administrator, not in the Web Administrator. To assign the RA role, use the Modify Certifier tool on the Configuration panel.

You cannot set registration preferences in the Web Administrator. You must use the registration settings in the CA and in the Registration policy settings document.

In the Web Administrator, you cannot configure a server for SSL during the server registration process.