Managing policies with the Web Administrator

The Policy tools on the Configuration and People & Groups tabs in the Domino® Administrator are not available in the Domino Web Administrator. Therefore, from the Web Administrator, you cannot use the Policy Assign tool or the Policy Synopsis tool.

If you create policies before you register users, you can assign them to users and groups during user registration. You can also edit a Notes® user's Person document and manually assign an explicit policy by specifying the name of the policy.

Working with policy documents

From the Web Administrator, you can use the Policies view in either the People & Groups or the Configuration tab to add, edit, or delete policy documents. To add or delete policy documents, use the buttons that display in the Results pane. In this view, the names of policy documents are links. To edit one of these documents, click the link for the document you want to edit.

Using the Web Administrator to delete policy documents is not recommended because doing so does not initiate the Administration Process requests required to remove all references to the deleted document from other policy documents.

If you use the Web Administrator to create a desktop policy settings document, you cannot add the database links used to set up bookmarks or custom Welcome pages.