Controlling platform statistics reporting

From the console, you can use the Platform command to set a sampling period that determines how often statistics are gathered, and you can pause and resume the collection of platform statistics. In addition, you can control how often statistics are reset to zero and samplings are gathered.

Three types of statistic values are reported:

  • Fixed -- Statistic values that do not change. They include information such as number of disks, or an assigned name. For example, in the statistic Platform.LogicalDisk.identifying number.PctUtil, the identifying number is a variable that identifies the disk. This information does not change when you issue a Platform Reset command.
  • Primary -- Statistic metrics from which secondary statistics are derived. For example, the total paging file utilization statistic (Platform.PagingFile.TotalPctUtil) is the basis for secondary statistics that calculate the average and the peak values (Platform.PagingFile.TotalPctUtil.Avg and Platform.PagingFile.TotalPctUtil.Peak).
  • Secondary -- Statistic values that are a combination of or are derived from primary statistics. For example, these are often average, minimum, or peak statistics.