Charting statistics

You can graphically display the statistics generated by Domino®, by creating statistics charts. To chart sets of statistics on a regular basis, you can define statistics profiles. Using statistics charts you can track and visualize statistics in real time or historically. Real-time charts reflect the current server activity. Historical charts pull information from the local Monitoring Results database (STATREP.NSF). You can also create statistic profiles so that you can chart a specified set of statistics routinely.

To create statistics charts you must enable the field Generate statistic reports while monitoring or charting statistics in Administration Preferences, and the Domino server monitor must be running.

Using the charting feature you can:

  • Create and edit statistic profiles
  • Remove existing statistic profiles or combine them into a new one
  • Gather historical statistics over a specified period of time
  • View the details of each statistic
  • View an isolated statistic
  • Start and stop real-time charting dynamically
  • Use right-click functionality to add a statistic event generator
Note: Charting is not available in the Web Administrator.