Administration Process Tell Commands

You can use Tell commands with the Administration Process.

This table describes additional Tell commands you can use with the Administration Process.

Table 1. Additional Tell commands



Tell Adminp Process All

Processes all new and modified immediate, interval, daily, and delayed requests.

This command doesn't override timed requests execution time.

Tell Adminp Process Daily

Processes these requests:

  • All new and modified daily requests to update Person documents in the Domino® Directory.
  • Any outstanding Rename Person in Unread List requests.

Tell Adminp Process Delayed

Processes all new and modified delayed requests. These are requests that are usually carried out according to the Start executing on and Start executing at settings in the Server document.

Tell Adminp Process Interval

Processes all immediate requests and all requests that are usually processed according to the Interval setting in the Server document.

Tell Adminp Process Mail Policy

Applies mail policy to affected user's mail file

Tell Adminp Process mb

Runs the Inbox Maintenance agent.

Tell Adminp Process New

Processes all new requests.

Tell Adminp Process People

Processes all new and modified requests to update Person documents in the Domino Directory.

Tell Adminp Process Time

Processes all new and modified requests to delete unlinked mail files.

Tell Adminp Server Restart

Processes and updates administration process requests of each schedule type as appropriate by simulating a restart of the administration process. This server command should be used rarely, if ever, because the tell adminp process all server command can now be used to trigger any new request.

Tell Adminp Show Databases

Displays (and records in the server's log file) this information:

  • The databases that a particular administration server updates
  • The locations in the database where it updates Reader and Author fields in the databases it updates
  • The databases that don't have an administration server assigned to them

Tell Adminp Quit

Stops the Administration Process on a server.