Database comparison tool

A new application template, CompareDBs Reports (comparedbs.ntf), installed on the Domino 12.0.1 server, can be used to compare two database designs and/or document contents or to analyze the design of one database.

Database comparison You can compare the design of two Notes databases or templates and generate a report that is saved in the database. Some of the options include the ability to:
  • Exclude documents from the comparison.
  • Integrate the reports that are generated with source control applications such as Git or Jira.
  • Use a diff tool of your choice rather than the built-in tabular report that shows differences between source and target.

Database design synopsis You can use the tool to generate a design synopsis of a database that is exported to another database. The target database contains documents describing each design element.

For complete information on all options and how to get started, use the template to create a new Notes application. (It's an advanced template). Then open the application and select Help > > About This Application and Help > > Using This Application .