IsExtendedAccess (NotesACL - LotusScript®)

Read-write. Indicates whether extended access is enabled.

Note: This property is new with Release 6.

Defined in


Data type



To get: flag = notesACL .IsExtendedAccess

To set: notesACL .IsExtendedAccess = flag

Legal values

  • True indicates that extended access is enabled.
  • False indicates that extended access is disabled.


In the Notes® UI, this property is in the advanced section of ACL properties: "Enable Extended Access."

This property applies only to Domino® Directory, Extended Directory Catalog, and Administration Requests databases.

Setting this property True automatically sets UniformAccess True. Setting this property False does not automatically set UniformAccess False.

After setting this property, you must call Save for the changes to take effect. If you do not call Save, your changes to the ACL are lost.