XPages improvements

Domino Designer 12.0.2 provides following enhancements for XPages:

New version of CKEditor for XPages

The CKEditor (http://ckeditor.com) is the default rich text editor for XPages. This editor permits the embedding of images, tables, links, and emoticons. It also includes a spell checker.

There is a new version 4.18.0 of CKEditor. Previously it was version New features are added to this version. You can select from the new table properties. The link feature provides advanced options.

New features in CKEditor

Encrypted field attachment support for XPages

XPages now supports downloading attachments from encrypted fields.

File upload improvements for XPages

Now you can have more control over file uploading in XPages. You can upload, save, delete, and control the files according to your requirements. For more information, see fileUpload - File Upload.