Example: getNth method (JavaMethodCollection class)

This script prints out the number of toString methods belonging to the java.lang.Integer class.

Dim mySession As JavaSession
Dim myClass As JavaClass
Dim myMethod As JavaMethod
Dim myMCollection As JavaMethodCollection
Dim Count As Integer, i As Integer

Set mySession = new JavaSession()

' Get Java "java.lang.Integer" class
Set myClass = mySession.GetClass("java/lang/Integer")

' Get a list of all methods belonging
' to the java.lang.Integer class
Set myMCollection = myClass.getClassMethods()

For i = 1 to myMCollection.count
	Set myMethod = myMCollection.getNth(i)
	If myMethod.MethodName = "toString" then
		Count = Count + 1
	End If
Print "There are " & Count & " instances of the toString " + _
	"method in the Method collection for java.lang.Integer"