Enabling a field for instant messaging

About this task

You can enable a Names, Authors, or Readers field so that the field displays the online status of HCL Sametime® users listed in the field. An Notes® user viewing the document can click the name of an active user and initiate a chat. For an example of this, see the Memo form of the Notes® mail template.


  1. Create a Names field, an Authors field, or a Readers field that evaluates to an abbreviated hierarchical name. For example, Joe Allen/ACME/US.
  2. On the Control tab of the Fields Properties box, check Show online status.
  3. Optional: Enter a Contact List Group label for the users listed in this field. You can enter a formula that evaluates to a text string, or simply enter a text string in quotes -- for example "Marketing Team."

    This group will be built dynamically when the document is opened and displayed at the beginning of your contact list.


Note: This feature is not available for Web applications.


About this task

  • You can use the same Contact List Group label for multiple fields on a document to build a group of all the users listed in the fields. For example, you might want all of the users listed in the Reviewer and Editor fields in a discussion application added to a single group named "Project Team."
  • Users can see the online status icons for names that you enable for online awareness if the User Preference "Show Instant Messaging Status" is enabled for their client. If this preference is disabled, a user will need to click a name to see if a user is available for chat.