Adding programming to columns

The values each column shows are determined by a program attached to the column. The Programmer's pane helps you add programming to a column. Click the column you want to program, click the Simple Function, Field, or Formula button in the Programmer's pane, then build the program in the Script area. Column formulas can consist of a combination of @functions, @commands, field values, and text enclosed in quotation marks.

Adding programming to a column

Simple functions

Simple functions let you add programming without knowing a programming language. The default selection for a new column is "# in View," which numbers documents according to their internal sequence (for example, 3.1.2).


Field lets you populate the column with certain types of field values without writing a program. This technique works with text, number and date fields.


Formula lets you create a program for a column using the @function formula language. This is useful when you must process values in a document (such as changing field values to a text value) or calculate a value. Typical uses for formulas include converting field data to a text value (because only text values display in columns), writing a formula that displays an icon instead of a value, and adding text to field values.

Click the Field button or the Simple Function button to paste fields, @functions, or @commands into the formula. Always convert information to the data type that your formula expects. For example, to append a numeric value to a text value in a column, use a formula like:

Product + ": " + @Text(Quantity)
Note: Rich text fields and other non-summary fields may not be used in views, even if you write a formula. Instead, use @Abstract or @Text in a computed field on the form to store a copy of the text in a regular text field, which you can then use in the view. However, since rich text fields may contain a lot of text, take care to not exceed the limitation for amount of summary information in a document.

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