Examples: Return statement

' In response to user input, LotusScript transfers control to
' one of three labels, constructs an appropriate message,
' and continues execution at the statement following
' the GoSub.
Sub GetName
   Dim yourName As String, Message As String
   yourName$ = InputBox$("What is your name?")
   If yourName$ = "" Then        ' The user enters nothing.
      GoSub EmptyString
   ' A case-insensitive comparison
   ElseIf LCase(yourName$) = "john doe" Then
      GoSub JohnDoe
      Message$ = "Thanks, " & yourName$ _
         & ", for letting us know who you are."
   End If 
   ' The Return statements return control to the next line.
   MessageBox Message$ 
   Exit Sub

   yourName$ = "John Doe"
   Message$ = "Okay! As far as we're concerned, " _
     & "your name is " & yourName$ & ", and you're on the run!"

   Message$ = "We're on your trail, " & yourName$ _
     & ". We know you are wanted dead or alive!"
End Sub
GetName                        ' Call the GetName sub.