EncodeContent (NotesMIMEEntity - LotusScript®)

Encodes the non-header content of a MIME entity.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.

Defined in



Call notesMIMEEntity .EncodeContent( encoding )



Constant of type integer. The new encoding.

  • ENC_BASE64 (1727) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "base64"
  • ENC_EXTENSION (1731) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is user-defined
  • ENC_IDENTITY_7BIT (1728) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "7bit"
  • ENC_IDENTITY_8BIT (1729) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "8bit"
  • ENC_IDENTITY_BINARY (1730) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "binary"
  • ENC_NONE (1725) -- no Content-Transfer-Encoding header
  • ENC_QUOTED_PRINTABLE (1726) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "quoted-printable"


This method affects the non-header content of a MIME entity and the Content-Transfer-Encoding header as defined in RFC-2045.

Actual encoding of the content occurs only for ENC_BASE64 and ENC_QUOTED_PRINTABLE. Other options change the header but not the content. ENC_QUOTED_PRINTABLE affects only "text" content.

If the content is already encoded, no action occurs. You must decode the content first.

All options except ENC_NONE and ENC_EXTENSION establish a Content-Transfer-Encoding header.

Encoding contains the current encoding.