CONVERT function

CONVERT converts a value from one unit of measurement to a different unit of measurement.



  • number is a value.
  • from_unit specifies the measurement unit from which to convert. from-unit is a unit name from the following table, entered as text enclosed in " " (quotation marks).
  • to_unit specifies the measurement unit to which to convert. to-unit is a unit name from the following table, entered as text enclosed in " " (quotation marks).

Unit names are case-sensitive. CONVERT returns #N/A if either from_unit or to_unit does not match a unit name from the following tables. CONVERT also returns #N/A if from_unit and to_unit are from different unit groups.

Table 1. Unit names for mass group
Unit name Mass
g Gram
sg Slug
lbm Pound mass (avoirdupois)
u U (atomic mass unit)
ozm Ounce mass (avoirdupois)
Table 2. Unit names for distance group
Unit name Distance
m Meter
mi Statute mile
Nmi Nautical mile
Pica Pica
in Inch
ft Foot
yd Yard
ang Angstrom
Table 3. Unit names for time group
Unit name Time
yr Year
day Day
hr Hour
mn Minute
sec Second
Table 4. Unit names for pressure group
Unit name Pressure
Pa Pascal
atm Atmosphere
mmHg mm of mercury
Table 5. Unit names for force group
Unit name Force
N Newton
dyn Dyne
lbf Pound Force
Table 6. Unit names for energy group
Unit name Energy
J Joule
e Erg
c Thermodynamic calorie
cal IT calorie
eV Electron volt
HPh Horsepower-hour
Wh Watt-hour
flb Foot-pound
Table 7. Unit names for power group
Unit name Power®
HP Horsepower
W Watt
Table 8. Unit names for magnetism group
Unit name Magnetism
T Tesla
ga Gauss
Table 9. Unit names for temperature group
Unit name Temperature
C Celsius
F Fahrenheit
K Kelvin
Table 10. Unit names for liquid group
Unit name Liquid
tsp Teaspoon
tbs Tablespoon
oz Fluid ounce
cup Cup
pt Pint
qt Quart
gal Gallon
l Liter

The prefixes (entered with " " marks) listed in the following table are also valid for units. CONVERT returns #N/A if the unit does not support a prefix.

Table 11. Unit prefixes
Prefix Description Multiplier
E exa 1E+18
P peta 1E+15
T tera 1E+12
G giga 1E+09
M mega 1E+06
k kilo 1E+03
h hecto 1E+02
e dekao 1E+01
d deci 1E-01
c centi 1E-02
m milli 1E-03
u micro 1E-06
n nano 1E-09
p pico 1E-12
f femto 1E-15
a atto 1E-18


CONVERT(10, "C", "F") returns 50

CONVERT(1,"sec","msec") returns 1000