Create a content library | HCL Digital Experience

You use the Administration portlets to create libraries. You can have multiple content libraries. To determine how many libraries you need, consider the type of site you are developing and who needs access to certain content. A minimum of two libraries is common. You can set up one library to store items required for the web content system and another library for content.

Before you begin

To create a library, you must be an administrator.

About this task

When you create a library, you must set the language for the library. You cannot change the language of the library after it is created.

If you need to support multiple languages in the authoring portlet, you can use a text provider plug-in. The text provided plug-in is not included and must be developed. To use a text provider you need the plug-in name and key.

You can include default items in the library to help you get started faster. If you choose to include default items, the following is included:
  • Two workflows called Express and Three Stage Workflow
  • An authoring template called Article
  • A presentation template called Simple Article Layout
  • A site area called Articles
  • Content items called Sample Article and Sample Article 2
  • Components


  1. Go to the Administration area of the portal.
  2. Click Portal Content > Web Content Libraries.
  3. Click Create new Library.


After you create the library, it is not immediately visible in the authoring portlet. This additional step ensure that authors only see the libraries that are relevant to them.

What to do next

Set up access to the library you created.