Configure Remote Document Conversion Service

This section shows how to configure Remote Document Conversion Service (DCS) for your HCL Digital Experience 9.5 environments on supported Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes container platforms.

Remote Document Conversion Service (DCS) Configuration

The following steps will configure DCS in a Kubernetes environment

  1. Obtain a shell in the RemoteSearch Container, by running the following command:
    kubectl/oc exec -it [REMOTE SEARCH POD NAME] bash -n [NAMESPACE] c remote-search
  2. Run the following ConfigEngine task command:
    /opt/HCL/AppServer/profiles/prs_profile/ConfigEngine/./ remote-dcs-installation-wp.dcs.remotedcs -DWasPassword=[WAS ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD]
  3. Restart the RemoteSearch server:
    /opt/HCL/AppServer/profiles/prs_profile/bin/./ server1 -user [WAS ADMINISTRATOR NAME] -password [WAS ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD]
    /opt/HCL/AppServer/profiles/prs_profile/bin/./ server1
  4. Add the DcsRemoteHost=[http:// REMOTE SEARCH SERVICE NAME:9080/dcs/dcs line to the ConfigEngine properties /opt/HCL/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/properties/
  5. Obtain a shell in the Digital Experience core container, by running the following command:
    kubectl/oc exec -it [DX CORE POD NAME] bash -n [NAMESPACE] -c core
  6. Run the following ConfigEngine task:
    /opt/HCL/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/./ delegate-all-conversions
  7. Restart the WebSphere_Portal server:
    /opt/HCL/wp_profile/bin/./ WebSphere_Portal -user [WAS ADMINISTRATOR NAME] -password [WAS ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD]
    /opt/HCL/wp_profile/bin/./ WebSphere_Portal