Deploying HCL Digital Experience 9.5 with HCL Solution Factory (SoFy) | HCL Digital Experience

The HCL Solution Factory (SoFy) platform offers the ability for organizations to quickly prototype, test and deploy HCL Digital Experience and other solutions, and can enable organizations to speed cloud-native adoption.

HCL SoFy is a next generation software development platform that accelerates deployment and integration of cloud-native products through the application of cloud-centered technologies and practices. These include the following: running in docker containers, creation of stand-alone and individually scalable services, enablement for cloud scaling and orchestration, continuous delivery of updates, and opening up capabilities with new REST APIs. Using HCL SoFy to access and deploy HCL Digital Experience 9.5 and other HCL software offerings you can quickly gain hands-on experience working with these cloud-native solutions.

Before you begin

Before you explore HCL Digital Experience and form a solution on HCL SoFy, you must obtain access to the platform.

You can request access through the contact form located at:

Once you gain access, it is recommended to read through the provided user guides to get familiar with the SoFy solution builder.

Video: HCL Sofy – A Quick Tour

You can also refer to the HCL Software Academy on how to Setup DX Demo in SoFy lab.