Roadmap: Demonstration environment

This roadmap is ideal for running product, feature, and application demonstrations. After the installation, you have an Apache Derby database and a default file-based repository. You might not need to make any additional changes to your demonstration environment. If you need to demonstrate a specific database or user registry, use the Stand-alone server roadmap.

Who should use this roadmap

Use this roadmap if you are an organization with the following requirements:
  • An organization that needs to explore new features or functions.
  • An organization that needs to demonstrate Version 8.5 to customers, clients, or colleagues.
  • An organization that needs an environment to demonstrate applications and designs.

Topology diagram

A demonstration environment is a portal server with a local database. Since Apache Derby is installed, configured, and ready for use, a database is not included in the topology diagram.

This topology diagram contains only one portal server.

Installing the Exceptional Digital Experience

Installing HCL Digital Experience involves preparing your operating system, installing or upgrading the installation manager, and running the installation program.

About this task

Documentation resource: Installing HCL Digital Experience software

Applying the latest cumulative fix

Portal maintenance is delivered through two mechanisms: individual fixes (iFixes) and combined cumulative fixes. iFixes are provided, when necessary, for severe or security-related bugs. Combined cumulative fixes are delivered on a regular schedule. They provide a mechanism to deliver fixes faster, improve existing features, deliver new features, update documentation, and provide new documentation on a frequent basis. To deliver continuous improvements for your digital experience software, it is recommended that you apply the latest Combined Cumulative Fix to your environment.

About this task

Documentation resource: Roadmap: Applying maintenance

Tuning the servers in your environment

Tuning the servers is important to the performance of your portal environment. HCL Digital Experience is not tuned for a production environment after installation and deployment. Your database needs tuning for improved performance. You can organize your database now or soon after you finish your configuration. You need to tune and maintain your database on a regular basis.


Run the performance tuning tool to complete an initial tuning of your servers.