Lost-found site area | HCL Digital Experience

When Web Content Manager cannot determine the proper location of a page item in the Portal Site library, the page item is stored in the lost-found site area. This site area ensures that you can recover pages and any content that is stored beneath the pages when a problem occurs.

The following causes are typical reasons that a page might be stored in the lost-found site area:
  • The synchronization process between the portal and Web Content Manager finds page items in the Portal Site library that do not have corresponding pages in the portal.
  • You move a managed page beneath an unmanaged page in the portal page hierarchy. In this case, the page item for the managed page is stored in the lost-found site area.

The lost-found site area is a read-only location. Although you cannot edit items in the lost-found site area, you can view the items and copy content that you want to save.