Granting users or groups access to an item | HCL Digital Experience

Specify the access control settings for the current item to designate which users have access to an item and their level of access. The access section is common to all item forms.

About this task

Users and groups can be assigned the roles of user, contributor, draft creator, editor, manager, or reviewer.

To grant users or groups access to an item:


  1. Go to the Access section of a form.
  2. To allow the item to inherit access roles from a parent item or library, select the check box in the Inheritance column of each role.
  3. To select specific users or groups instead of using inheritance, click Grant Access for each role.
    1. Enter at least two characters in the Search field and then click Search.
    2. Select the required users or groups and then click Add.
    3. Click OK.
  4. To grant access to virtual users, use the menu next to each Grant Access to select either:
    • Anonymous portal user
    • All authenticated portal users
    • All users
    • Authors
    • Owners
    • Creator