Configuring dynamic user interface

Create a dynamic page and register it using the ConfigEngine.


  1. Create a page, give it a unique ID, such as wps.utl, and place the Unified Task List portlet on the new page.
  2. Create the dynamic page template and give it a unique ID. Make sure that the page is set to inherit parent theme in the page options.
  3. Open a command prompt.
  4. Change to the IBM\WebSphere\wp_profile\ConfigEngine directory.
  5. Enable the Unified Task List portlet page to start dynamic pages by running the following command:
    • AIX® HP-UX Solaris Linux™: ./ action-enable-page-as-extension-node-wp.dynamicui.config -DPageUniqueName=wps.utl
    • Windows™: ConfigEngine.bat action-enable-page-as-extension-node-wp.dynamicui.config -DPageUniqueName=wps.utl
    • IBM® i: action-enable-page-as-extension-node-wp.dynamicui.config -DPageUniqueName=wps.utl
    • z/OS®: ./ action-enable-page-as-extension-node-wp.dynamicui.config -DPageUniqueName=wps.utl

    Where -DPageUniqueName is the value of the unique ID you previously specified.