Setting portlet preferences for portlet definitions

You can set the portlet preferences for portlet definitions.

About this task

To set the portlet preferences for a portlet definition, proceed by the following steps:


  1. Obtain a modifiable instance of a portlet definition.
  2. Obtain the modifiable portlet preferences layer.
  3. Set the preferences by using the appropriate methods of the ModifiablePortletPreferences interface.


Example - Setting portlet preferences on a portlet definition:
// obtain portlet model controller
final PortletModelController pmController = getPortletModelController(portletModel);
// obtain modifiable instance of a portlet definition
final Modifiable modifiable = pmController.getModifiableNode(portletDefinition);

// obtain modifiable preferences layer
final ModifiablePortletPreferences preferences = ((ModifiablePortletDefinition) 

// set a single value
preferences.setStringValue("name", "value");