Enabling anonymous search

For websites that allow anonymous users to view the site, you need to configure search to allow anonymous users to search your site.


Follow these steps to enable search by anonymous users.
  1. Browse to Administration > Search Administration > Manage Search and open the Search Scopes section.
  2. Click New Search Scope.
  3. Give the search scope a name, such as "Anonymous Search Scope."
  4. In the Visible to Anonymous Users section, select Yes.
  5. Click Select Locations.
  6. In the list of Locations, select WCM Content Source and click OK.
  7. Browse to Administration > Access > Resource Permissions and open PSE Sources.
  8. Click Assign Access for the DefaultSearchCollection resource.
  9. Click Edit Role for User.
  10. Click Add.
  11. Select Anonymous Portal User and click OK.
  12. Return to the DefaultSearchCollection resource and click Apply.