Refining the bookmarks list

Filter the list of bookmarks to view all the public bookmarks created by another person, or to view all bookmarks associated with a specific tag. Choose a sort criteria.

About this task

Use these techniques to filter and sort bookmarks:

  • Display Public Bookmarks or Popular bookmarks. Popular bookmarks show bookmarks that are created most often and the most visited bookmarks.
  • Change the sort order by clicking Date or Popularity. Clicking either button again toggles the sort order between ascending and descending order.
  • Filter the bookmark list in Public Bookmarks or Popular by clicking a tag or a person's name or searching for a tag or person's name to see bookmarks associated with that tag or person.
    Note: You can filter by both tag and person name to create a very specific search. For example, you can search on the tag rebates and then find bookmarks with that tag created by Samantha Daryn.