Extending a theme

You can extend an existing theme to use a different color scheme or to display different content.

Templates can be reused in multiple themes and still maintain a different color scheme or content by using the _options.vm file. The _options.vm file stores variables that can be used in the other templates in order to include or ignore content or file imports. Include the _options.vm file in the weblog.vm template in order to set values in the _header.vm template.


The Khaki_Standard theme reuses the blog theme templates, but contains an _options.vm file with one line: #set ($lookAndFeel = "khaki")

The _header.vm checks for the $lookAndFeel variable, and includes the appropriate .css file:
#if ($lookAndFeel)
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="$url.site/roller-ui/styles/${lookAndFeel}.css" />

The result is two themes, with two different color schemes, based on the same set of templates.