Setting allowed ECM servers

Set a list of specific Enterprise Content Management (ECM) servers that Linked Library widgets can connect with.

About this task

Without a set list of servers, users must type the URL of the ECM server to connect to when they create a Linked Library widget. After setting a list of allowed servers, users can select from a dropdown list of servers.


Perform the following steps to create a list of allowed ECM servers:
  1. Check out widgets-config.xml. See Using the widgets-config.xml file for Communities.
  2. In the CustomLibrary widget definition add the following tags to the <itemSet>:
    <item name="allowCustomServers" value="false"/>
    <item name="allowedHosts" value=","/>
    Where allowCustomServers must be set to false and allowedHosts is a comma separated list of Filenet or Content Manager ECM servers.
  3. Check in widgets-config.xml. For more information, see Using the widgets-config.xml file for Communities.
  4. Restart the Communities application.
  5. Add each ECM server to the library widget proxy. For more information, see Configuring the library widget proxy