Moderating content before it is published

Review before it is published to make sure it meets your standards.

Before you begin

When content is submitted by a user, it is marked for review and it displays on the Content Approval section of the Moderation tab. An authorized moderator can view the state of submitted content and take action on it. Content can be:
  • Blog entries or comments
  • Community files content or comments
  • Forum posts or comments

The workflow described in this topic requires that valid email addresses are configured for the reviewers and that email notifications are enabled for your Connections deployment.

About this task

When a user submits content, it sets in motion a workflow for reviewing the content. The workflow goes as follows:

  1. Notification is sent to the moderator that content has been submitted. The notification includes information about the person submitting the content and a link to the content. The content is posted to the Content Approval section in the Moderation interface for viewing and managing content before it is published.
  2. The moderator reviews the content and acts on it.
  3. If the content is acceptable, the reviewer approves it and it is published. The author receives notification email that the content is approved.
  4. If the content is considered inappropriate, the reviewer rejects the content. In this case, the author is notified by email. The posting appears on the Rejected panel.
  5. If the content is considered inappropriate, the reviewer can delete it from either the Require Approval or the Rejected tabs.
Follow these steps to review content and take action.


  1. Click the Moderation tab.
  2. Click Content Approval in the navigation pane and then select the type of content that you want to work with - Blogs, Files, or Forums.
    Content awaiting decisions are displayed along with information on who submitted the content.
  3. Review an item and choose one of these actions:
    ApprovePublish the content.
    RejectThe content is moved to the Rejected tab where you can later approve it or delete it. Blog content that is rejected can be revised by the author and resubmitted for approval.
    DeletePermanently remove the content.