Using the To Do List app

Use the To Do List app to find out which of your task deadlines are approaching. The app displays in the activity stream views by default.

About this task

The To Do List app lists the to-do items that are assigned to you. The items are listed in chronological order, allowing you to quickly scan through them and identify which are most urgent. The to-do items that do not have a due date are displayed under items with a due date.


Use the To Do List app in the following ways.
  • To view individual to-do items:
    1. Click a to-do title to open it in Activities. For information about how to work with your to-do items, click ? to access the help for Activities.
    2. When you are finished working with the to-do item, close the window to return to the Home page.
  • If you do not have any to-do items, click Go to my to do list to open the Activities app and start creating items.
    For information about how to create a to-do item, see Adding a to-do item.