Using the calendar in the My Activities app

Use the calendar in the My Activities app to find out which of your task deadlines are approaching.

About this task

The calendar highlights the deadlines for your to-do items for the current month, using the following background colors and symbols to highlight significant dates. The current date is highlighted in bold text.

Table 1. Calendar color codes and symbols
Background color Symbol Description
Red > To-do items that are overdue.
Gray # To-do items to be completed today.
Blue * Personal to-do items to be completed on a future date.
Green + Team (unassigned) to-do items to be completed on a future date.
For example, for a to-do item assigned to you personally that must be completed on a future date, that date is highlighted with a blue background, with an asterisk (*) symbol preceding the date.

The calendar also flags the dates associated with unassigned tasks to be completed in the future. Deadlines for completed tasks are not included. If a personal to-do item and a team to-do item fall on the same day, then the calendar flags the personal to-do item rather than the team to-do item.

Use the arrows on either side of the month name to display task deadlines for the previous and following months.


To view the tasks associated with a specific deadline, complete the following steps.
  1. Click the highlighted date in the calendar.
    A pop-up window displays, listing the tasks with deadlines on the selected day.
  2. Click a task title to retrieve information about the task directly from the Activities app.
  3. When you are finished working with the task, close the window to return to the Home page.